The Team and Tools

Whether we are producing an HD 360 video for the web, a full scope 3D/360 experience for a VR headset or an interactive gaming experience, our in-house team can assist you from beginning to end, and every step in between, to help you achieve your goal.

We possess the latest in camera technology, applying our creativity to build the right equipment for the job, each and every time.

Never satisfied with the status quo, we always find the best solution.

Virtual Tour of a one of the worlds largest hydro electric facilities

Agency : lg2
Client : Hydro-Québec

Montreal Canadiens

Transport yourself behind the scenes and join the team as they train, practice and compete for a shot at their 25th Stanley Cup Win. These 5 VR experiences will take places no other fans have ever been.

Client : Bell Canada and Les Canadiens de Montreal

TOYOTA Sasquatch

A perfect example what happens when a good and simple idea is combined with excellent execution.

Agency : bleublancrouge
Client : Toyota

QX30 Stand-Off

Praised as this season's hottest and most premium VR experience at the Canadian International Autoshow, the QX30 Stand-Off dares it's audience to keep form as the new luxury SUV comes within mere inches of running you down.

Agency : Union
Client : Infiniti Canada

Louis-Jean Cormier

With over 10,000 views throughout the series of summer festivals, this prequel to the 2016 concert, thanks to it's immersive story telling, is still a crowd favorite and continues to tour the province a year after it's release.

Client : Bell Canada

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